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November 29, 2020

Happy Holidays

Join me as I talk with author and chaplain Nancy Pidutti; a guest on Season 3. Billy Ray Rocks gives us a visit and shares a Christmas pop classic.


S8:EP1 | Nancy Pidutti and Billy Ray Rock 

About Nancy Pidutti

Nancy Pidutti started her career as a nurse and later worked as a counselor and Bible teacher at a local Gospel mission. 

She also wrote a number of Biblical cantatas and many health articles for various local newspapers. Three cantatas were performed in Silver City, New Mexico. She reworked the musicals as dramas and they, along with several others, have been performed in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. 

This book of poetry reflects some of her many life experiences and travels and she invites you to explore them with her and reflect on those of your own.

About Billy Ray Rock

Billy Ray is from Mt Pleasant, Texas. While residing in the northwest this youngest of 11 has a storied history in music which includes time spent as a ghost music producer.

In addition, he plays more than 10 instruments. With a history in EDM and rock, he is regarded as one of the most exciting and electrifying rock artists out there. Especially during his time as the Lead Vocalist for the rock band “Level 21”. As a former lead vocalist for the now broken up “Level 21” he has embarked on a solo career.

His delivery in concert has the presence of Rick James with the impact of Mick Jagger. Billy Ray has been there and done that with regard to venue sizes crowd sizes etc. But he “treats every audience like they are a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden”. Billy Ray Rock can found thrilling audiences nationwide at a venue near you.

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