God's Unbreakable Love with Holly Robins | EP295

January 06, 2021

God’s Unbreakable Love by Holly C Robins, is a story of how powerful God’s love is for his daughters and how far He will go not only to heal them and give them purpose in life but to go on to do great things. 

After being abandoned by her father, Holly is kept in a room for almost two years by the very people who were trusted to take care of her. The unbearable abuse, loneliness, and heartbreak of her father’s betrayal send Holly down a road of brokenness and self-destruction for many years.

As Holly walks us through those years, many of you will experience at least one chapter that will describe your own pain. God’s Unbreakable Love is not just the story of one woman, but a story that has been passed down throughout history. It is the story of powerful love and devotion that God has for his daughters and how far he will go to save them. Let God show you what he can do with your life when you surrender it over to him as Holly did.

You can find Holly's book on Amazon and where books are sold.

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