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January 31, 2021

Signal 8: An Australian Paramedic's Story

Australian paramedic shares his story and addresses PTS in first responders. We talk about his book "Signal 8."


An ambulance races to the scene of yet another human tragedy. It could be a road accident, a heart attack, shooting, drowning, suicide, or perhaps a very sick child. Whilst we might experience or witness such events in our lifetime, for paramedics, these are routine events. But continual exposure to the work often comes at a significant, sometimes tragic cost to the paramedic and his or her family and friends.

About the author  

Erik Schanssema is an Australian paramedic with a thirty-six-year ambulance career. As an ambulance officer and later as a mobile intensive care ambulance (MICA) paramedic, he is among the best-trained and most highly skilled emergency first responders. 

Now retired, he actively writes, travels, and paints. He currently lives in Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia.

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