The Power of the Pen with Dr. Uzziah Harris | EP298

January 12, 2021

Dr. Uzziah Harris shares with us how God is still speaking through epistles written by new voices with an age-old message.

Will the real church please stand up? We exist in a world of extreme flux and volatility—one that is unpredictable and filled with pain. But why? Could it be that the church who was intended to be a model and beacon of light in the earth has instead become a follower and dispenser of the same ills that malign our landscape? The church, in her pursuit to have church, has somehow lost her way; the church as an institution has exploded (possibly morphing into something not recognized by its author) while the organism has suffered, causing her to forfeit the influence and power and connection she once possessed.

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About the Author

Uzziah (YOU-ZY-UH) Hebrew for "God is My Strength" has been making long term investments in the lives of people since his early days as a middle school teacher in Richmond VA in the late 1990’s, as well as a qualified mental health professional, recreation center supervisor, human services program administrator and Richmond City Council Aide.  He is a firm believer in community engagement and in the belief that “we are ALL interconnected.” His personal mantra: If ever we come across ones who are lost it is our responsibility to help them find themselves and their way again.....  informs his very existence, motivation and calling. 

Uzziah Harris, (both a certified life coach and ordained minister) was initially ordained by the Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies (AEGA) in 2005. Uzziah received his undergraduate degrees in both Psychology and Education from the College of William and Mary in 1999 and spent a brief period of time at Virginia Union University’s School of Theology (STVU).  He completed his theological studies at the Virginia Triumphant College and Seminary where he earned both his Master of Divinity as well as his Doctor of Divinity in both 2012 and 2014 respectively and was again ordained by the School in 2016.

An activist at heart Dr. Harris has been a participant of both Virginia Commonwealth University’s Grace E Harris Minority Political Leadership Institute and the Sorensen Political Leadership Institute at the University of Virginia;  Uzziah believes in both the power and responsibility of each person to shape their destiny. He is also a published author of three books and facilitates workshops involving church growth and reformation in order that the Church may assume Her place in this postmodern society as a true catalyst for transformation.

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