Dancing on the Whisper of God with Jean Gilbertson

January 25, 2023

 Join me as I talk with freelance writer and author, Jean Gilbertson, about her book "Dancing on the Whisper of God."

San Francisco, 1993. Choreographer Calvin Tropp is jerked out of artistic lethargy when he hears a predawn whisper: We are going to make a new dance, and the theme is prayer. Cal is not a religious man and knows nothing about prayer, but his creative fire is reignited.

Opening night is sixty-three days away. He knows that it's crazy to think he can get the ballet created and ready in that amount of time, especially once he realizes that new music must be commissioned, and the only available, aptly talented composer is the cantankerous Evana Arthur. She's so hard to work with he's almost glad he has only nine weeks!

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