Kathleen Pellegrino - Killing the Venerable

January 30, 2023

 Join me as I talk with murder mystery author KB Pellegrino.

Captain Rudy Beauregard is facing a dilemma; is there a serial murderer working his evil in Western Mass or is it just the coincidence of too many drunk drivers out there? He and his detectives think it's murder. What took police so long to see what was right in front of them. Perhaps it is the weapon used? 

Or, maybe, the choice of victim confounds their logic? Why kill elderly men who are all so near to meeting their maker? What kind of perpetrator would kill the most fragile in society? The killer is not looking for notoriety. The killer leaves no trace behind for identification. What could be the motive? Could it be mercy killing? The weapon almost precludes this from motive. And what does the old east/west cross-country Route 20 have to do with these murders? Again, we gain insights into policing and the methodology of doggedly pursuing a killer with few clues available.

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